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Thendele Royal Natal National Park Questions and Answers


Q: What time do the gates close to Royal Natal National Park?
A: Entrance gate is open 24 hours 365 days per year of guests staying at Thendele.

Q: If the reception is closed where do I get my room keys?
A: Room keys can be found outside reception on the guest notice board which will reflect your family name and room number.

Q: How far is the drive to Sentinel Car Park if I want to climb the chain ladder?
A: Approximately a 2h20 minute drive from Thendele. It is a 45-minute walk from Sentinel Car Park to the Chain Ladder.

Q: Is bedding and cutlery provided at Thendele?
A: All chalets have fully equipped kitchens and all linen. bedding and towels are provided.


Q: Is there a restaurant at Thendele?

A: No. but there are a number of fine restaurants outside the park and as you have 24 access it is no problem to have dinner and arrive back at camp whatever time you wish.


Q: Is there a swimming pool at Thendele?

A: No. Guests are welcome to swim in the rock pools which can be found in the nearby streams and river.


Q: What is the difference between Upper and Lower Camp?

A: Thendele is situated on a slope and the Upper Camp is above the Lower Camp


Q: Does Upper Camp have better views?

A: Both camps have breath taking views. 


Q: Why are the 2 and 4-bed chalets more expensive in the Upper Camp compared to the Lower Camp?

A: Because they are more spacious.  modern architecture and interiors.


Q: What is the cell phone signal like?

A: Not great as you are surrounded by mountains. The best signal will be at the reception. 


Q: What time is check-in time from on our day of arrival?

A: 14h00


Q: What time do we have to check out by on our day of departure?
A: 10h00


Q: What are the closest towns to Thendele?

A: The nearest towns are Bergville and Harrismith.  Bergville is 45 km from the resort.


Q: Are domestic animals allowed?

A: No. Pets are not permitted in the reserve.


Q: Can I book accommodation and pay on arrival?

A: No, as there is no guarantee that you will arrive.


Q: Can we request a specific room number?

A: Room numbers can be requested but not guaranteed. 


Q: Why is there no VAT on accommodation at Thendele?

A: Thendele is a parastatal (partly funded by the state) and all accommodation is exempt from VAT.